Throughout the past month studying Data Science at Lambda School, myself along with four other data scientists and a group of web development students were tasked with improving an existing web application called Story Squad. Story Squad was developed with the intent of removing children from screens and trying to put them in imagination mode more often. The game requires that students complete a reading, writing and drawing task throughout a week. The game then pairs users with similar ability levels together to compete against another team of users. This game repeats on a weekly basis.

Testing three time series prediction methods and evaluating them using the mean absolute error and r-squared metrics.

Wave buoys that are placed all around the world track and store data of ocean properties throughout time. This time series data includes information such as wave height, wave period and wind conditions. Wave height is shown below in Figure 1 as the vertical distance from the trough of a wave to the peak of a wave. The wave period is the amount of time it takes for a wave to complete one full cycle.

Figure 1: Wave properties (Image by Author)

The buoy analyzed throughout this article is located north west of the Hawaiian Islands. Historical data was collected from the beginning of 2013 through the…

Wave power analysis from data recorded on offshore buoys located in New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Image by author

Although most people don’t think of locations like New Hampshire and Rhode Island as popular destinations for surfing, wave energy data obtained from the National Data Buoy Center shows that on occasion there is significant wave power. These wave buoys are placed approximately 30 nautical miles from the coastline and record data such as significant wave height, wave period and swell direction.

Billy Leibundgut

Currently studying data science at Lambda School

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